How do you bet on golf

How do you bet on golf
are put together (or paired) to form a double-digit number, rather than added together.

Don't worry, it's quite simple once you see an example.

Winnings and losings can add up quickly in Las Vegas, which is often played for 1 per point, so it's a game preferred by better (or at least wealthier) golfers.

(Note that there is another format called.

Las Vegas scramble that is unrelated to the gambling game named Las Vegas.).

How Teams Scores Work in the Las Vegas Format.

We said a team's two scores are not added together, they are put together or paired.

What does that mean?

Let's say Golfer A and Golfer B form one Las Vegas team.

On the first hole, A scores 5 and B scores.

Add them up and that's.

But we don't add up scores in Las Vegas, we pair them to form a new number.

Put "5" and "6" together and you get.

Fifty-six is the score for Team A/B on Hole.

And (with two exceptions that we'll explain soon) in Las Vegas, the smaller of the two scores goes first when forming the bigger number.

In our example above, if A had gotten the 6 and B had scored the 5, the team score on that hole would still be 56, because the smaller number (5) goes first.

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