Sturgeon fishing techniques

Sturgeon fishing techniques
a 6 to 8-foot musky rod with a level-wind reel, a braided fishing line in the 80 to 100-pound test range, a heavy slip sinker, and a 5/0 circle hook.

Once youve set up your fishing rod, bait the hook with a nightcrawler worm to attract sturgeon.

Cast the line out to a deep section of the water, as these fish like to feed on the bottom.

When you feel a bite, set the hook and slowly reel the fish.

Make sure you hold tightly, as sturgeon will often put up a 10 to 15-minute fight.

For more tips on fishing for sturgeon, like how to release the fish once its been caught, read on!

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Sturgeon have been calling the Great Lakes Basin home for much longer than people have been around, but when those people did arrive they found excellent fishing for these ancient giants.

Even with the onset of human fishing, sturgeon managed to live millions of years without too much trouble until the pressure intensified and they were driven nearly to extinction in the 1900s.

Habitat loss and commercial fishing left their mark on sturgeon, but eventually conservationists got involved, and now populations of sturgeon are rebounding in their native waters.

The lake sturgeon native to the region has become a much sought after game fish due to its size and ability to fight.

These giants can reach lengths between 6 and 8 feet and can weigh several hundred pounds.

While there are great fishing opportunities in the Great Lakes, when sturgeon head upriver to spawn tends to be the best action.

Studies have shown that lake sturgeon arent the fastest learners because its been reported that the same sturgeon can be caught multiple times in just a few days.

Additional species of sturgeon inhabiting the Midwest can be found from the upper  Missouri River and Yellowstone River clear through to the Gulf of Mexico, though the primary species in the lakes and rivers through this region dont enter saltwater.

Sturgeon Species, the likelihood of catching sturgeon in numbers at all goes up significantly the further north you travel.

The very southern states that have sturgeon carry far lower numbers than the northern states.

Lake sturgeon are readily found in the Great Lakes Basin and can be caught throughout the Missouri and Mississippi rivers as far south as Tennessee and north to Manitoba and Quebec.

Lake sturgeon also can be found in New York, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas as well.

Lake sturgeon can regularly be found in the 6- to 8-foot range and are the largest sturgeon found in much of the United States, except for the even larger white sturgeon caught on the West Coast.

The shovelnose sturgeon is a far smaller species that can be found throughout the Mississippi River basin, including the Mississippi, Ohio, and Missouri rivers and tributaries.

They are less common in the Mississippi delta and into Alabama and are more protected in those southern areas.

The shovelnose sturgeon are smaller but still frequently reach 3 feet in length.

Atlantic Sturgeon are found along the eastern seaboard from Canada to Florida, though in most areas, they dont have sustainable numbers to encourage fishing for them.

Pallid sturgeon are found in the same range as the shovelnose sturgeon.

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