Hfm hot fixed matches

Hfm hot fixed matches
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Electrical resistance and conductance.

Electrical resistivity (also called specific electrical resistance or volume resistivity ) is a fundamental property of a material that measures how strongly it resists electric current.

Its inverse, called electrical conductivity, quantifies how well a material conducts electricity.

A low resistivity indicates a material that readily allows electric current.

Resistivity is commonly represented by the.

Greek letter ( rho ).

The, sI unit of electrical resistivity is the ohm - meter (m).

1 2 3, for example, if a 1 m solid cube of material has sheet contacts on two opposite faces, and the resistance between these contacts is 1, then the resistivity of the material is.

Electrical conductivity or specific conductance is the reciprocal of electrical resistivity.

It represents a material's ability to conduct electric current.

It is commonly signified by the Greek letter  ( sigma but  ( kappa ) (especially in electrical engineering) and  ( gamma ) are sometimes used.

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