Between fixed matches market

Between fixed matches market
their business lifecycle where they can no longer sufficiently grow or compete on their own.

Its when discussions around finding a way to gain scale and solve for succession hit a wall that firms often turn to considering a merger or acquisition opportunity.

Yet finding the right M A partner isnt all that easy.

As a firm that represents both buyers and sellers, its our job to keep a finger on the pulse of the market and listen to many value propositions from prospective buyers.

That said, only a handful of firms are truly poised to be meaningful acquirers in this hyper-competitive marketplace.

Attributes such as being well-capitalized (given that most sellers expect a decent portion of the purchase price at closing having a repeatable and battle-tested M A process, a unique value proposition, and strong leadership are now almost table stakes in this environment.

The truth of the matter is that buyers and sellers alike often fail to recognize what a marriage between firms can mean for ongoing control, growth and quality of life.

Therefore, it is paramount that firm owners are strategic in how they present their value to prospective sellersand sellers come to the table prepared with clearly identified expectations of the new affiliation.

One key area that many buyers often lose sight of which helps to focus targeting, due diligence efforts and proper alignment is being clear and honest about what type of acquirer profile your firm represents to a prospective seller.

Its equally important to recognize that remaining consistent in this regard is critical; that is, once a firm persona is established, any variances can lead an organization astray of its core competencies and culture, ultimately suppressing enterprise value.

The four acquirer profiles, we find that most acquirers have traits within the following four categorieseach of which offer a unique value to sellers.

Standalone RIAs, these firms are exemplified by a one brand, one firm, one investment approach.

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