Pre half marathon tips

Pre half marathon tips
, especially among women.

In fact, a recent Running USA Report revealed that.1 is the fastest-growing race distance.

Whats more, in 2014, the ladies made up 61 percent of the field.

So why are women rushing to the starting line?

We are seeing an exciting time for womens running in general, Knox Robinson, coach at Nike Run Club NYC, publisher of the international running culture journal.

First Run, and co-founder of the Black Roses NYC running collective told.

Its a combination of everything from women having more disposal income as consumers, companies giving more attention to womens gear, and the ability, through social media, to see women of all shapes and sizes running, which is empowering.

Adds Jenny Hadfield, founder of m : The training is the new way to socialize and catch up with friends.

Plus there are a host of womens specific races that provide a friendly, non-competitive environment for newbies.

Know its possible, from the beginning, I try to communicate in all ways visually, literally and coaching-wise how possible it is to reach this goal through intelligent training and preparation, says Robinson who also notes that the half.

But you have to believe in yourself to really succeed.

Be selective about your shoes, your feet are your foundation, so give them the respect they deserve by investing in a good (good doesnt always mean super pricey) pair of kicks that are comfy and truly fit your feet.

Look to your neighborhood specialty running store for help, advises former Olympic runner John Henwood, founder of TheRun, a boutique treadmill studio in New York City.

Here, theyll perform a gait analysis to help decode what style of shoe is best.

A running base is the number of miles and weeks of running you have in the bank before you being training for a race, and it is essential to a successful training season.

Its like the foundation of a house, says Hadfield.

The stronger the base, the more easily the body can withstand the demands of a training program.

Find the right training plan, before you settle on a regimen, ask yourself what your goals are, and then work back from there.

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