Photographing motorsport tips

Photographing motorsport tips
back to look at your picture later, its a fright.

Instead of a stately dog with graceful curves, youre looking at a giant head with crooked ears and a tiny body.

Most likely you made one of the common mistakes in animal photography that well list below.

What to Set in Your Camera.

Unlike people, animals generally wont sit patiently and pose for you.

This has its disadvantages.

The frequent blurring and unsharpness that it causes in the resulting photos are a large disadvantage. .

Thats why you need to learn in advance the right time of day to photograph an animal.

(The early morning and the evening are typically idealat these times the sun isnt beating down, and so youll avoid overexposed pictures.) Then set a short exposure time and adjust the composition as needed.

This gets you a natural-looking animalits in motion rather than being frozen and plastic-looking, and its muscles arent tensed like people trying to fake a smile.

The result is a wild, beautiful photo that radiates true liveliness, joy, and energy.

So if youre photographing an animal in motion, set the S mode (Shutter Priority) in your camera.

In this mode, all you do is choose the exposure time, and the camera sets the aperture: If you want the motion to be perfectly sharp and frozen, reduce the exposure time.

If you want blurred motion (e.g.

To emphasize the speed of an animal in motion increase the exposure time.

So when for example youre photographing a horse, set the exposure time to a value from 1/125 to 1/500 seconds and raise the ISO.

Then fine-tune the photos brightness or darkness if needed, using exposure correction.

The frozen and perfectly sharp movements of a cantering colt.

Nikon D3300, AF-S nikkor 18-55 mm 1:3.5-5.6 G II, 1/640 s, f/5.6, ISO 200, focal length 55.

Shot Angle, one of the most basic elements in a photo is its shot anglethat is, where and how youre standing when photographing the animal.

This has a large influence on the pictures final atmosphere.

So map out the subjects stance and surroundings before you shoot.

If you photograph a horse from above, it will look chubby and short-legged.

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