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project as a successor to the widely used.

Advanced Video Coding (AVC,.264, or, mPEG-4, part 10).

In comparison to AVC, hevc offers from 25 to 50 better data compression at the same level of video quality, or substantially improved video quality at the same bit rate.

It supports resolutions up to 81924320, including 8K UHD, and unlike the primarily 8-bit AVC, hevc's higher fidelity Main10 profile has been incorporated into nearly all supporting hardware.

While AVC uses the integer discrete cosine transform (DCT) with 44 and 88 block sizes, hevc uses integer DCT and.

DST transforms with varied block sizes between The.

High Efficiency Image Format (heif) is based on hevc.

1, as of 2019, hevc is used by 43 of video developers, and is the second most widely used video coding format after AVC.

2, contents, concept edit, in most ways, hevc is an extension of the concepts.264/mpeg-4 AVC.

Both work by comparing different parts of a frame of video to find areas that are redundant, both within a single frame and between consecutive frames.

These redundant areas are then replaced with a short description instead of the original pixels.

The primary changes for hevc include the expansion of the pattern comparison and difference-coding areas from 1616 pixel to sizes up to 6464, improved variable-block-size segmentation, improved "intra" prediction within the same picture, improved motion vector prediction and motion region merging.

Effective use of these improvements requires much more signal processing capability for compressing the video, but has less impact on the amount of computation needed for decompression.

Hevc was standardized by the Joint Collaborative Team on Video Coding (JCT-VC a collaboration between the.

ISO / IEC mpeg and ITU-T Study Group 16 vceg.

The ISO/IEC group refers to it as mpeg-H Part 2 and the ITU-T.265.

The first version of the hevc standard was ratified in January 2013 and published in June 2013.

The second version, with multiview extensions (MV-hevc range extensions (RExt and scalability extensions (shvc was completed and approved in 2014 and published in early 2015.

Extensions for 3D video (3D-hevc) were completed in early 2015, and extensions for screen content coding (SCC) were completed in early 2016 and published in early 2017, covering video containing rendered graphics, text, or animation as well as (or instead of) camera-captured video scenes.

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